Emanuele Perrone Artigiano Edile


Building construction enterprise in Laterza


Emanuele Perrone Artigiano Edile in Laterza before starting his own activity was employed in another building construction company. In 1997 driven by his passion for his job decided to start his own activity so he got specialized in apartment and commercial activities restoration and industrial enterprises as well. Within years along with his working team participated in contractor’s race for the Municipality of Laterza, among which one related to the restoration of an overpass in the municipality center. Afterwards they received other orders as subcontractor, among which one for the Municipality of Putignano.


We will follow your project from the very first moment


Fast execution and accomplishment of the job is one our "battle horses"


We do count on a team of specialists and professionals during the whole work duration
Within the years they have performed as well restorations of vintage properties in Rome and Trani: technological installations, coatings, plasterwork, floors (trusting on specialized companies for part of the procedures). Besides from being on the lead of all the working procedures Mr. Emanuele also puts on practice on the field all his knowledge and experience. With his carpenter tool bag wearing his safety gloves and boots he runs toward the construction yard working on tables and irons, puts on roofs and everything else that concerns his working field. The company is capable of working with different materials such as cement, steel, iron, wood, hollowed bricks, sheaths, insulation materials, polystyrene, plates, roofs (all construction materials). Every three years Mr. Perrone and his staff are attending updating formation courses in order to renovate their compulsory certifications, obtained from the Cassa Edile of the province of Taranto and from Scuole Private. These are formation courses about construction site security, gru and scaffolding assembling, how to behave on a scaffold without protection and a lot more.