Nuove costruzioni Laterza


Emanuele Perrone’s enterprise hands over the planning phase to professional experts such as engineers and architects: its activity focuses in the set up after making an accurate site inspection and drafted a quotation that may be free until some determined sums agreed with the company. They are a point of reference for other enterprises and privates for the setup of new constructions in Laterza, among Mr. Emanuele Perrone’s clients are also those requiring an accurate work for the rough part, the pillars and roof coverings or the so called “cant setups”.
The activity of new constructions regards mainly the creations of reinforced concrete walls, eventual stairs with finishing works; while the installations of the floor and tiles setup is trusted to other specialized enterprises. The work begins from the foundations and goes up to the 6 or 7 floors, from 10 apartments and more. Al these deeds are possible thanks to the carpentry equipment including scaffoldings and very efficient property gru-s.