Civil and industrial restoration in Laterza


Mr. Emanuele Perrone’s enterprise does civil and industrial restoration in Laterza even if they are single spaces or whole apartments and commercial buildings. The enterprise does as well demolition and restorations of commercial activities for example one of the most recent works are a garment store and a hairdresser salon.
The work of Il Emanuele Perrone along with his team, regards predominantly historical houses restoration, particularly those of the beginning of the ‘900, which have a particular architecture “Volte di Tufo” which do not require the use of a specific machinery, everything is left on the hands of the artistic work of the artisans that is the know-how of this enterprise.
As for the industrial restorations the setups indeed require the use of specific machineries. Emanuele Perrone enterprise attends so mainly to create bricks or tuff walls.