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Construction enterprise in Laterza Emanuele Perrone Artigiano Edile


Constructions, demolitions and civil and industrial restorations

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Perrone Emanuele building construction company in Laterza for more than twenty years is dealing with building constructions, civil, commercial and industrial demolitions and restorations. From planning to the actual accomplishment of the project, Mr. Emanuele Perrone along with his staff is taking care of everything with dedication, punctuality and preciseness. This is typical of a man with a great dedication for his job. The enterprise strength is actually the celerity and accuracy of their deeds. Working for more than twenty years in this field and having over forty constructed buildings on their backs, all the company staff is always been concerned about the deadlines in order to highly fulfill all the clients requirements.
All the construction, restoration and demolition activities are done manually not mechanically. If indeed is needed the mechanical intervention there will be involved other specialized enterprises which possesses excavators, tongs or other machineries needed for the project accomplishments. The enterprise in particular does the creation of “the structure” more specific of the pillars, perimeter walls, internal walls, insulated terraces or not.




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We do count on a team of specialists and professionals during the whole work duration.

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New constructions

After the project is being evaluated by engineers and architects of this sector comes in our company which proceeds with the creation of reinforced concrete walls, stairs and all other cant set ups.

Civil and industrial restorations

We are able to provide civil and industrial restorations for single environments as well as for the whole apartment or commercial buildings. The ... Read more

About us

The Emanuele Perrone Artigiano Edile was born in 1997 because of the passion and dedication of Emanuele Perrone which from the beginning was specialized in apartment, commercial buildings as well as industrial enterprises restoration. Within the years and along with his staff participated in contractor’s race for the Municipality of Laterza, among which one related to the restoration of an overpass in the municipality center. Afterwards they received other orders as subcontractor, among which one for the Municipality of Putignano.

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